Shuttles leave the parking lot every 30 minutes at the top of each hour and 30 minutes past each hour.

Must book in the future

Booking a reservation guarantees your vehicle a parking space at our facility for the dates listed above. YOUR QUOTE IS AN ESTIMATE based on the departure and return dates and times YOU put on your reservations. Price quoted is based on a 24 HOUR period plus taxes and fees.


Changes in either the DATES or TIMES you actually park and return may affect final charges. Rates, surcharges, coupons, discounts, and taxes, are subject to change without notice.


We charge PER PARKING SPOT. 1 SPOT 1 car. If your vehicle is so large that it makes it impossible for a car on either side of you to get in and out of their car, you may be charged for a second spot. Please park straight and centered between the lines.

We use License Plate recognition cameras(LPR) when you enter and exit the lot. If you owe additional money when you return, the system will allow you to exit but will charge the card you used to reserve for any extra fees. If you have any questions about your charges please e-mail us at